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Archive for the ‘Myanmar Missions’ Category

Update: Successful efforts in Myanmar

Posted by truthoughts on June 19, 2008

We have received an update from Understand The Times International Ministry regarding their relief efforts in Myanmar (Burma) Yangon area. I will include the email sent to us from Roger Oakland in the following:

June 18, 2008

Report on Nargis Disaster Relief Trip – June 4-12, 2008

A representative from UTT journeyed to Yangon, Myanmar from June 4-12, 2008 to help provide disaster relief from Cyclone Nargis, distributing funds from Understand the Times donors and helping to organize future relief efforts utilizing friends and ministries already established in Yangon and the severely affected Irrawaddy delta area. Three others representing UTT also were in Yangon as tourists and were able to take in funds for disaster relief. We also were able to take in several power tools with rechargeable batteries.

Over $50,000 has been provided from people all over the world who responded to the UTT Myanmar Relief Fund. At this point we have distributed approximately $20,000. All of the funds that have been donated for the Myanmar Relief Fund will be used for this purpose.

We first provided for the immediate needs of the 120 children and adults that we are supporting in Yangon. Meetings were held and a plan was then established to supply food and assist in providing shelter for people in the outlying areas that were most devastated by the cyclone.

The following report put together by Tom (UTT Board member who was in Yangon) lays out some of the things that have been done and what our long-term plan is for assisting and evangelizing. We have not named specific people for their protection, as you will understand.

While we will continue to receive and distribute funds for the Myanmar Relief Fund, our concern at this moment is that we meet our budget for supporting the 120 children, students and adults that we are committed to supporting. While many of the children and students have sponsors, we have many other expenses and immediate needs. In the future we will be posting what these needs are.

This is just the first few paragraphs of the report. Please click here to read the entire report with pictures.

As you can see, there is a lot of positive efforts being done in Myanmar despite the rejections of the Junta government. We are keeping the Bryce Lodge orphanages and the people of Myanmar in our prayers as well as those involved with the ministry efforts of Understand The Times.

If you go to the link provided by the email, you will see much more information and some really great pictures of what is being done there. They are actively trying to support those in surrounding areas as well as those associated with the Bryce Lodges.

If you would like to help them in their future efforts, you can give to the cause by clicking here. The people of Myanmar will greatly appreciate all of your support whether it be financially or by prayer. You are making a difference in the lives of those devistated by cyclone Nagris.

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Myanmar Junta Refuses US Aid

Posted by truthoughts on June 13, 2008

The following article is from the Associated Press at Yahoo news, so it will change as information is updated on this topic.

UN says Myanmar farmers need fuel for planting

…The U.N. estimates more than 1 million survivors, mostly in the delta, still need help more than five weeks after the cyclone struck. The government’s official death toll is above 78,000 and an additional 56,000 people are missing…

…”The window of opportunity is very short, and the need is of the utmost urgency,” Heyzer was quoted saying. “The planting season in the delta is June to July, after which it will be too late, with disastrous consequences for food security in Myanmar and the region.”

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said in an assessment this week that the area affected by the cyclone “normally accounts for roughly 60 percent of (Myanmar’s) rice production.”…

…In a clear reference to the U.S. on Thursday, the New Light of Myanmar newspaper, a mouthpiece for the junta, said that “the goodwill of a big Western nation that wants to help Myanmar with its warships was not genuine.”

Myanmar turned down humanitarian aid from U.S., British and French warships, which sailed to the waters off the Southeast Asian nation after the cyclone hit May 2-3…

1st Picture           2nd Picture

The Junta government of Yangon (Myanmar) mistrusts the US government because of their (US) ties with the democratic government and opposition towards the Junta military government. The Junta leaders feel that their are strings attached to the aid offer presented by the USA and others who hold the same stance, therefore, they will not accept the aid from those governments.

As you can see in the article, it is time for them to plant for their rice harvest and if they do not, they will surely suffer greater devistation as well as others around the globe due to the shortage. Also according to the article, tens of millions of dollars have been donated and offered but the Junta will not accept it for the people of Myanmar. This tragedy reaches far deeper than words can convey and it has only just begun.

Military Ship Picture

 The Junta government claims that you cannot trust aid from a source that presents it from military vessels, such as Navy ships and helicopters, etc. In the following picture, you can see the devistated areas with some census information, taken by: Reuters News

 We have not recently heard any additional information from Understand The Times Ministries, however, the last that we did hear was that the orphanages were structurally sound and that no one was hurt. They have been struggling along with everyone there, due to the rising food costs while trying to help those around them in need. Please continue to pray for them and you can stay informed through the ministry site as to their progress. You can help by going to Understand The Times Donation Center, which is a dedicated link for Bryce Lodge in Myanmar. From what we have heard, the aid efforts are better received by having an inside source to go through rather than without a contact in the region. The children at Bryce Lodge and the people in the surrounding areas will be blessed by your prayers and donations.

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There Is Hope For Myanmar Cyclone Disaster Victims

Posted by truthoughts on May 19, 2008

There is hope for Myanmar cyclone nagris disaster victims… We have received an update from Roger Oakland with Understand The Times, International Ministry. Please read the following message:

Myanmar Missions Update
From Understand The Times

As the world now knows, the destruction that hit Yangon and surrounding area two weeks ago may go down in history as one of the most severe catastrophes of all time. While the loss of life is indescribable, there is much more to this story. Not only is Myanmar one of the poorest places in the world, the people of the country may be the most oppressed in the world. 

UTT has been working with Christians in the country of Myanmar for the last three years. We have over 60 underprivileged children that are being cared for in four different homes (Bryce Lodges 1,2,3 and 4). We have also helped to establish Yangon Grace Bible Fellowship that has planted an additional five churches in two years. Before the storm hit we were in the process of establishing a Bible School and 25 Bible School students to share the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the country.

Four days passed following the storm before we received word from our people (who mostly live in Yangon) that all had survived the disaster. By surviving, we mean that all are alive. The conditions they now face are very difficult.

Understand The Times has established a Myanmar Relief Fund to assist the survivors. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who have already contributed. We have prayed and come up with what we believe is the proper way to distribute one hundred percent of the funds we receive to those who are in need.

Our strategy is to move financial resources into the country by several different means, and get these funds to the local Christians that Understand The Times has been working with over the last 3 years. Through their network of house churches and Bible School students we will identify needs and means of securing food, clothing and supplies for shelter and daily living and then provide for as many needs as possible along with proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is a report from one of our leaders from May 13: 

“We went to the most destroyed places this morning but returned from half way because the military (army) do not like us to go. They check every truck to see whether the people bring rice, cooking oils, etc. The morality has been the issue.” “It looks like I will have to borrow the money and buy chain saws and help the Buddhist outreach area. Their house was completely destroyed. I will send the picture. Today, we gave them some money to buy rice. It is very humbling to see where they sleep and eat.”

And from another leader in Yangon:

“Nowadays, our main work is to go around and help the needy people in the way we could. Many of them are still in government school because of having no place to stay. According to the situation of Outskirt people (Buddhist slums), if you can come and supply the needs of rice, material needs for houses like bamboo roof cover like a roof grass- thatch tents, mosquito nets, cooking oil, salt, water for use so that no loss motion comes and solves the problems which they can not solve by their own, I believe it will be helpful and useful for reaching out the gospel to the people. The above things are getting higher day by day. Some are rising twice to sixth than the normal price. We brought even water very costly.”

We must exercise caution since foreign activity is suspect there and if we are too visible we can bring much trouble upon the local Christians. We must be very discreet and proceed with much caution and we must protect names and faces. We are presently in the process of sending someone over to Yangon to provide assistance and to help organize and oversee the dispersal of assistance through Understand the Times in the surrounding area. Others will follow as they are able to secure visas. Please pray for favor that we may receive the necessary visas and be able to go. 

All funds taken will be documented and accounted for and records will be kept showing who received the support and how it was spent. Our benevolent efforts will be in the name of Jesus and the gospel will be presented along with the physical assistance. A fund for supporting the victims of the Myanmar disaster has been established at Checks can be sent to our two offices in Canada and USA. Again, one hundred percent of all donations to the Myanmar Relief Fund go to help the people of Myanmar.

Sincerely In Christ,
Roger Oakland

As you can see, so much is going on in Yangon Myanmar and the surrounding areas. It reminds me of the verses: 


Amos 5:19 “As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him.”


These poor people are going from a horrific event then having to suffering from the elements, food starvation, water dehydration and if that wasn’t enough, their own government is out to get them… or at least let them suffer and die. So, please, if you can do nothing else… pray for them and for those who are trying to help them. Let Understand The Times know you are keeping them in your prayers, encourage them in their difficult tasks ahead. You can visit their website at:  Understand The Times.

Be sure to subscribe to my feed for updates as they happen and please remember that your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. Also, if you have any questions or comments you would like passed along, please feel free to leave them in the comments section of this post. Thank you, God bless.


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Breaking The Myanmar Blockades

Posted by truthoughts on May 9, 2008

The Junta government ties the hands of those who wish to help, but we have a way to get the victims in Myanmar what they need…

According to this article, (Yahoo article may change/update) the ruling military Junta, has allowed the US only one shipment of supplies/aid to the people devastated by Cyclone Nagris in Myanmar.

Article Excerpt: Earlier Friday, Ky Luu, director of the U.S. office of foreign disaster assistance, had said that skilled aid workers were being forced to sit on the sidelines as victims of last week’s cyclone die…

However, we have contact with a ministry who already has people inside Myanmar, just north of Yangon. They may have a better ability to get shipments of supplies and aid to them because they already have insiders working at the Lodges.

A man cycles past a destroyed house in Yangon May 6, 2008, after ...

The following is an email, which was sent out by Roger Oakland of Understand The Times International Ministries, that he received from his people running the Bryce Lodges (orphanages) in Myanmar (which were previously established before the Cyclone)…

Early this morning I received two more letters from our Understand The Times representatives in Yangon. All our immediate family have been preserved from the storm.
We are presently in the process of sending someone over to Yangon to provide assistance and to help organize the dispersal of assistance through Understand The Times in the surrounding area.
Please pray for favor that we may receive the necessary visas and be able to go.
A fund for supporting the victims of the Myanmar disaster has been established at
Checks can be sent to our two offices in Canada and USA.

Following are the two letters that were received today:

Dear Roger,

Internet access was down, now only I can email you again. Hope that you are getting better in these days. With our children we are always praying for your health.

At the time thousands of people lose their lives, by His protection, we are survived but our programs and plan of wedding was failed on Saturday and changed on Sunday. It turned to helping others in needs especially for our members. Since every one was busy with his own work, phone line and transportation problems caused by the storm and
flood, so we just called a church pastor, Philip and Dante and only some of our neighbor and made wedding at home.

We learned so many lessons from those things happened. we felt that God has taught us not to love the world neither the things that are in
the world. It made clear that our earthly life is just really temporary and unreliable. Now, the city of Yangon and it’s surrounding areas lose it’s beautifulness. It has a lot of changes and different from the time you came to Myanmar. The Prize of things are getting higher day by day.

And unlimited numbers of outskirt people are in trouble because they are homeless and without food. By His grace in this time we have privileges to show our love, care and concern to our church members at Shwelinpan who are in trouble by giving rice and the funds they are really in need.

Among our members at Shwelinpan, two of the tents (houses) were fallen down and faded away. another one of the roof was destroyed. One was
survived. If we can not continue to supply their need, they will be without food and house. So, I let you know the condition of our church members at Shwelinpan. Beside, thousands of outskirt people are in great trouble. they can not solve the problems they have by their own.

Please pray that these things lead them to know and trust the Saviour alone.

Your brother in Christ

Dear Brother Roger:

I am so sorry that I could not give you information about us earlier.

I know that many people concern about our situation. We are saved.

Bryce Lodges One, Two and my family are saved. We do not suffer any serious damages. But the prices are sky rocketed.

Thank you so much for your concern.

Prayer Requests:

1. Give thanks to God for He has saved us from this storm.
2. Pray for all the Bryce children for the coming admissions to the school. Usually, admissions start about May 20.

Sincerely yours,

Sincerely In Christ,
Roger Oakland

If you would like to help, please contact the ministry of Understand The Times International… it will be greatly appreicated. (There is a link on their front page to make a donation) We will keep you informed as we receive information.


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Word Arrives From Myanmar After Cyclone

Posted by truthoughts on May 7, 2008

Communication is slowly emerging from Myanmar after Cyclone Nagris slams Yangon…

We have spoken with Roger Oakland of Understand The Times regarding Bryce Lodge, which is only 30 miles north of the Delta region of Yangon. For those who are not aware, the Delta region took a direct hit causing a 4 meter upswell (12 feet of water wall) of the shallow waters just off the coast. Now fears are being raised that there are 200,000 or more dead/missing or will die without proper humanitarian supplies.

Roger said that he received an email from Bryce Lodge which stated that everyone at Bryce Lodge is safe. Several of the windows of the concrete building were blown out but those can be replaced. The main thing is that those who were sheltered in the building during the storm were safe. Many of the orphans housed at The 4 Bryce Lodges come from families whose huts were completely destroyed by the Cyclone.

In the email, they said that the biggest threat now is that rice has gone from $11 a bag to $100 a bag. Roger also stated that even though they are only 30 miles from Yangon, they had no idea of the utter devastation caused by flooding and high winds. The Junta government is not telling them anything. They are finding out that the destruction was much more intense than they first thought.

The biggest necessity, beyond prayer, at this point is going to be financial aid. Roger is setting up a fund and a link to donate will be availible on his website shortly. Please continue to pray for the people of Myanmar and if possible help the relief efforts by donating here.

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Myanmar Fears 13,000 Dead/Missing From Cyclone

Posted by truthoughts on May 5, 2008

The devistation continues to increase and the support is few and burdened.

As stated previously in my other Post: The local news media in Myanmar is comparing this devistation to the Katrina impact in the USA. In a location where poverty abounds and governmental problems seem insurmountable, this destructive impact can cause far more damage to this country than Katrina ever hoped to here in the US.

At this point it would seem that the comparrison would be more with the Indonesian tsunami.

Myanmar believes 13,000 dead, missing from cyclone

YANGON (Reuters) – Myanmar’s military junta believes at least 10,000 people died in a cyclone that ripped through the Irrawaddy delta, triggering a massive international aid response for the pariah state in southeast Asia.

“The basic message was that they believe the provisional death toll was about 10,000 with 3,000 missing,” a Yangon-based diplomat told Reuters in Bangkok, summarizing a briefing from Foreign Minister Nyan Win. “It’s a very serious toll.” For More…

You can view the updated video HERE

Image of devistation by Aung Hla Tun

Understand The Times Ministry with Roger Oakland provides missionary work in Myanmar through an organization he has created set up to help children, called, Bryce Lodge. You can find out more about these efforts HERE.

Roger has sent out a message requesting prayer for those in Myanmar:

We have a critical situation in Yangon. A cyclone has devastated Yangon and communications have been cut off. I have not been able to make contact with our people. All we can do at this point is to pray.

So far, there is still no word and as we stay glued to all information that comes across, the hope grows thin. Our only comfort is that if they were taken in this horrific devistation, then they are with the Lord, where there is no fear and no pain. Please continue to pray urgently for their safety and provision.

Children from Bryce Lodge 1,2 ,3 and 4 in Myanmar

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Myanmar Cyclone Devastation Abounds

Posted by truthoughts on May 4, 2008

Prayer Urgently Needed – Missionaries in danger and unable to communicate with the outside due to a catastrophic event that exceeds the devistation of Katrina in comparison.

Over 350 dead as cyclone pounds Myanmar

YANGON (Reuters) – A cyclone killed more than 350 people in military-ruled Myanmar, ripping through Yangon and the Irrawaddy delta where it flattened at least two towns, officials and state media said on Sunday.

The death toll is likely to climb as the authorities manage to contact outlying islands and villages that felt the full force of Cyclone Nagris, a Category 3 storm packing winds of 120 miles per hour when it hit early on Saturday. Full Story…

You can view a video regarding the devistation HERE.

Understand The Times Ministry with Roger Oakland provides missionary work in Myanmar through an organization he has created set up to help children, called, Bryce Lodge. You can find out more about these efforts HERE.

Roger has sent out a message requesting prayer for those in Myanmar:

We have a critical situation in Yangon. A cyclone has devastated Yangon and communications have been cut off. I have not been able to make contact with our people. All we can do at this point is to pray.                              


Bryce Lodge 1 (picture above)                               Bryce Lodge 2 – Michael Miller’s House (picture above)

The local news media in Myanmar is comparing this devastation to the Katrina impact in the USA. In a location where poverty abounds and governmental problems seem insurmountable, this destructive impact can cause far more damage to this country than Katrina ever hoped to here in the US.

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