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Pre-Trib Rapture October 8, 2010

Posted by truthoughts on September 29, 2010

Ok, I know what you are thinking right now just by reading the title. Well, before you jump to conclusions… read through this post first and then see where you are at.

My husband and I worked on a spread sheet yesterday (included at bottom of post) based upon the day counts given in the book of Daniel and other scriptures as you will see below as well as researching some other information given by other people.

I know this may be a bit long of a post but hang in there a bit because it is quite fascinating. I will begin with the bases that I shared with a dear friend of mine. Here is what I shared with her.

Bradley and I started working on something based upon others research regarding the tribulation being from 2010-2017. We know that the Lord will come back on Yom Kippur 2017 based upon a few things…

1st – Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement / Judgment and it is a shadow of His second coming. (Rosh Hashanah is a shadow of the resurrection / rapture and Sukkot *Tabernacles* is a shadow of the Millennial reign of Christ on earth).

2nd – 2017 is both a Sabbatical year as well as a Jubilee year when the Lord brings liberty and everything begins again new.

3rd – Yom Kippur is the day that the Jubilee is declared and begins.

Now, based upon the signs we see all around us, we know it is this generation that all prophecy will be fulfilled in. So, knowing that and the fact that a Jubilee is every 50 years, it must be this one. This being the case, we know the tribulation lasts for 7 years so we can count backwards from Yom Kippur 2017 which is September 30, 2017 using the day counts given in Daniel and it brings us to October 8, 2010.

The Hebrew year consists of 360 days as opposed to our 365 days due to the lunar calendar. Every 2 to 3 years they have a leap year which adds one extra 30 day month. This month is called Adar 1. When we take note that in the day counts given in Daniel, we see that the last half from the abomination in the temple there are 1290 days as opposed to the 1260 days for 3.5 years according to their 360 day year. This means that during that last 3.5 years is the Leap Year.

According to some, 2010 is the 13th year in the 19 year cycle. The Leap Years are in 19 year cycles and then begin again. Well, the 13th year is a Leap Year which means the calendar for the feasts is off by 1 month. That would mean that Rosh Hashanah would be in October rather then September as we all thought.

So, remember how I said that if you use the Daniel day counts to count backwards from Yom Kippur 2017 then you come to October 8, 2010? Well, guess when the Biblical New Moon is in October which tells us when Rosh Hashanah would be??? You guessed it! October 8, 2010.

Now, because of the time zones, and the fact that the Hebrew day begins at sunset the day before hand, etc. it could be October 7th or 8th depending on where you are. We only have just over 1 week left.

Here is another interesting bit of info for you. We know when the abomination happens based on the day counts in Daniel because it says from that point forward is 1290 days, etc. Well, if we use the same information beginning from Yom Kippur 2017 (Sept. 30, 2017) and count backwards again, it brings us to March 20, 2014.

The significance of that is if you remember how the Lord told the Jews to pray that their flight be not in winter or on the Sabbath day? Well, March 20, 2014 is the 1st day of Spring which means the day before was winter. Guess what else? It falls on a Thursday which is the day before the Hebrew Sabbath. This is not a coincidence. The Lord is completely accurate in EVERY detail.

Ok, so that was what I shared with her. I also sent her a copy of the spread sheet and I will attempt to share that here but if it doesn’t work out that way… all you have to do is open up an excel spread sheet and do the following:

1. In the first cell/column enter a number 1 and drag that down till you get to the number 2535… you will understand in a moment why that number.

2. In the next column from the top beside the number 1, type the date October 8, 2010 and drag that down as you did with the number 1. It should fill in the dates all the way till you get to the last one with the number 2535.

3. Next, highlight the cell for the following numbers in the first column:

4. Next to those highlighted numbers, in the next available cell/column type so that it will look similar to this:

360 – End of 1st Year
720 – End of 2nd Year
1080 – End of 3rd Year
1440 – End of 4th Year
1800 – End of 5th Year
2160 – End of 6th Year
2520 – End of 7th Year

These are the years of the tribulation.

5. Now, scroll to the number 1260 and color that cell a different color. This is the mid-point of the tribulation. Next to that type the abomination of desolation.

6. From lines 2520 to 2550 accounts for the Leap Year according to the Hebrew calendar of 30 days.

7. From lines 2551 to 2595 relates to Daniel 12:12. I am not sure of the significance of this date but the Bible says it is significant. Your thoughts are welcome on this.

It is quite interesting how it all lines up. We shall see soon enough. Blessings. Labor while there is time because the call may be sooner then most think.

Here is the spread sheet *scriptures included*:
Tribulation 2010-2017 Time Chart

I was having trouble uploading the document but I think I have it now. Check this link here:
Tribulation 2010-2017 Time Chart

You can also see the years which include 2011-2018 as well as 2012-2019 below the 2010-2017 by checking out this link here: Tribulation 2010-2019 Time Chart

Be sure to listen to the interview with Steve Coerper on this topic here: October 2, 2010 Broadcast

For those of you who use Windows 97-03 version, here are links that you will be able to open.

Tribulation 2010-2017 Time Chart

Tribulation 2010-2019 Time Chart


You can read my latest post regarding this here:
Regarding the Rapture Spreadsheet


53 Responses to “Pre-Trib Rapture October 8, 2010”

  1. You’ve boldly gone where few have dared to go! Fun to think about though.


  2. Hi –

    Very interesting site. Please check me out at and prayerfully consider calling in to my BlogTalkRadio program. We have a lot to talk about, and if we’re correct, not much time to do it.

    Very best,


    • truthoughts said

      I am looking forward to our chat on Saturday. Thank you for the invite and for reading my post. I look forward to your thoughts.


  3. Regina said

    Have any of you seen the website for “10.10.10 – Humanity’s Date with Destiny: “The Inauguration of a New Civilization” “the beginning of Humanity’s new, unfolding story. On October 10th 2010, you can become part of the founding family of a new civilization.” web:

    Many people are planning for October 10 to be a big day in a lot of ways. 101010 looks to me like a flashing on/off signal. Maybe that is why it was chosen for this world event. As for me, I want the event of the Lord coming in the twinkling of an eye. Soon.
    This forum is new to me. I am not on facebook, myspace etc. Regina

    • truthoughts said


      Thank you for sharing information here. I have not seen nor heard about that. I will check it out. Thank you.


  4. Sandra said

    Excellent presentation!
    This has a pretty good potential of being accruate.
    October is shapping up to be the most likley month for the gathering of the church.

    Rather interesting too, is that fellow from NORAD who stated there would be ships hoovering over most major cities on or around 10/13… timing seems interesting for them to be able to drum up and spin out an explantation as too where millions of people have just suddenly dissapeared too.

    It does seem that all of the pieces are somewhat lined up now for final week to commence.

    All Glory To GOD

    • truthoughts said


      Amen to that! I completely agree with you. The point about the October 13th even is one I brought up in the interview. Like you suggested, its just too convenient to overlook. =) Looking up & looking home! Hope to see you soon.


    • Ruth said

      I agree completely too.LOOKING UP & LOOKING HOME,OUR BELOVED…….ARMS OPENED WIDE TO RECEIVE HIS BRIDE.I also think with this whole NORAD officer-(UFO/demonic) and October 13/2010 it just seems to line up perfectly to explain away the Rapture.2 Thess 2:11 “”And God shall send them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie…”” Hope to see you all soon too!!! Going Home!!!!

  5. I agree w/ the reasons for this next rapture watch date. There are many more thrilling clues that give the seemingly and hopefully true conclusion that 2010-2017 is the 70th Week of Daniel.

    Maranatha saints! – Brian L.

    • truthoughts said


      Thanks for sharing that link. I will surely look at it, just opened it. =) Thank you for sharing it with me. Hope to see you soon, up-up-and-away! lol.


  6. Armageddon Thru To You said

    Very exciting post!!!

    Thank you both and God Bless you!

  7. This blog is just really a great start for those who never really believe on their capacity as what they were. It’s a really good thing to read an information as informative as this one and hope to read more from you guys.

  8. You may take this as a confirmation or whatever you choose to use it for, but I came up with exactly the same day, October 8th, in my study entitled “The Great Jubilee” which I wrote and posted on September 23, 2010.

    Pastor F. M. Riley

  9. Ma said

    I enjoyed your interview on The Anakypto Forum. I hope we’re going home!

    • truthoughts said

      “I hope we’re going home” – Me too dear friend, me too. Thank you for your comment =)


  10. Ruth said

    What a great study.First coming across Pastor F.M Riley’s article entitled “”The Great Jubliee””and I will hand it to you pastor you are correct.This generation is ignornant of the Jubliee years and their significance and the importance of them.The LORD has had me on a crash course in this area over the summer months.Saying that I was excited would be an understatement,I was THRILLED beyond belief when the LORD showed me this amazing find.I was WOW!!! I too having known about the Jubliee’s coming from 1947/1948 years 70 years you get 2017/2018.I was SO excited.Then I came across another great find through Pastor Sandy Armstrong on Youtube~~~Rapture:He is still coming oh ye of little faith~~~WOW…….His count from September 30,2017 lands on November 4,2010=(for the 2,520 days) granted he didn’t take the 30 days of Daniel into count.Once I discovered this with the 30 extra days I have been OVERJOYED.Great article!!! 🙂

    • truthoughts said

      Oh yes, Sandy has some great info. I have chatted with him a few times. I am glad that the Lord has been sharing so much with you and all of us in these last of the last days. Thank you for reading, listening and commenting Ruth.


  11. Annette said

    I love this information and how so many have brought a piece of the puzzle to the table. TEAMWORK!

    Just wondering if you have looked at the Comet Hartley at all? It orbits the sun every 6.5 years and can be traced back to the time of the crucification of Jesus. I have been interested in the Comet because there are some bible codes that mention a “comet” and “alignment.” Now there was a big cross alignment in the heavenlies this summer. In addition, my understanding is that the moon will be “sandwiched” in between Venus and Mercury around this exact same date in an alignment.

    Also this week Hartley is traveling on an interesting path under the “W” formation of Cassiopeia. Could “W” represent Wedding? I it seems to pass very close to the “Double Cluster” around the 8-9th!!

    Anyhow, according to Bob Wadsworth, the comet will pass thru Cassiopeia (‘captive delived and preparing for her husband, the Redeemer’), Perseus, (‘the breaker’ delivering the redeemed), Auriga (‘safety for the redeemed in the day of wrath’) and Gemini, (‘Messiah’s reign as Prince of peace’) this week; in that order.

    One last detail. I realize there are different theories on Rev 12 but this sign in Virgo seems to possibly tie into that chapter. Here is a link to a site with some interesting points on Rev 12. I do not agree with everything he reveals on his site but there are some very good points.

    I pray we are close. Exciting times to say the least.
    God Bless.

    • truthoughts said

      Someone just sent me info on the Comet through Daniel Matson’s study. I have not read it yet but I have it opened in my browser window to get to. I appreciate the link that you shared… got that opened now too, lol. I’m beginning to wonder if I will get to all of this great info before we go Home… well, if not, someone else will. =) Hope to see you soon!


  12. Christy Johnson said

    Thank you so much for your encouraging study and post! Everyone in my family has had dreams recently of a rapture and we get the sense that it is truly imminent!

    I was so sad when Rosh Hoshanna came and went in September as I felt certain that this would be the year with the numerous signs all around us. After reading your post about the leap year timing, the information rang so true with my Spirit and the skip has returned to my step!

    I also found it very interesting in your radio broadcast that you dreamed of the rapture and sensed a vibrational connection at the start of it. I, too, have received that impression!

    I pray this weekend is our grand Homecoming! Hope to see you soon! God bless you both!

    • truthoughts said


      Rapture dreams are great and they are not like any other dream. I wish I was able to share the entire dream on the broadcast but my phone disconnected… *cell phones, lol* I am glad that this post encouraged you and brought the skip back in your step. No matter the day it happens, we know it WILL happen because He who promised to come for us is Faithful. Hope to see you soon Christy.


  13. matt said

    4-15-2014(passover) is the first of the 4 blood moons I think it could be the date for the AOD. if you subtract 1260 days from that you come to 11-2-10! for the start of tribulation

    • truthoughts said


      That is very close to what F.M Riley and Daniel Matson have come up with but in their calculations, the rapture of the Church would be a month earlier on October 9th. Either way, we are very close to things really taking off. Keep looking up. =)

  14. Martial Fortier said

    So, nothing happen! Be carefull.
    Stay in Bible Truth Please!

  15. Martial Fortier said

    Sorry but I am living in Saskatchewan, Canada.
    It is Friday night, local time 9:45 pm and nothing
    is happening. So, it is much better to stay on
    solid biblical truth and stop to make speculation!
    This is my second posting.

  16. Sarah said

    I’m wanting to know if anyone else has experienced a similar reaction. I’m ashamed and concerned! I believe that Christ is returning for us very soon. But last month for the observed feast of trumpets, as well as this evening at sundown while sitting outside, I began to become nervous and somewhat fearful. Christ gathering us to himself in the rapture is to be our blessed hope…and I do feel this way. More and more, as time passes, everything worldly has ceased to be important and I think constantly on the rapture and the next life. So why the fear? I know it is not from the is it oppression and attack from the enemy? Does this indicate something amiss in my soul and spirit? I appreciate any thoughts!

    • Sarah said

      I should clarify that I have believed on Christ as my savior (at age 11). But it’s truly been only the last 5 years of my life (at age 35), through the Lord’s leading and discipline for sin in my life, that I’ve shifted from walking in the flesh to desiring God’s will and sincerely wanting to serve Christ.

      Has anyone else experienced the anxiety that I referred to regarding the rapture?

      • truthoughts said


        I am responding to both of your comments here. I must say that I think it is very promising how you are feeling. You are experiencing a reverent fear of the Lord. Many talk about just being excited and act like the Lord is their “Homeboy” etc. but they do not see Him with the holy and reverent fear we are told to. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10; Proverbs 1:7; Proverbs 9:10; Proverbs 15:33).

        When someone truly prepares themselves to meet the Lord, there must be that holy fear to help prepare ourselves and make sure we are holy as He is holy and pure. This shows your maturity and not lack thereof. The Holy Spirit is using these days to purify you and prepare you to meet your King.

        I would take this as true confirmation that you are His and He is making you ready. Those who do not go through this step are the ones who need to really worry if they are ready.

        I hope this is encouraging to you. I go through this myself. It is hard to really talk to others who are not at that place yet about this because they do not want to hear it. If they hear it, that means they must still submit to His authority which goes completely against the fleshly church of this day.

        I hope to see many of my readers and other online friends but based upon what you have shared here, I know I will see you. Soon Sarah, it is soon.

        Blessings in our Lord Jesus,

      • Sarah said

        Thank you Alison! Your words have encouraged me greatly. The Lord has sent His comfort to me through you today.

        I see that there are some unhappy people regarding “dating” the rapture. First…it is to be our blessed hope and we are not to be ignorant, so I don’t think God disapproves of His children being so eager that they are studying, watching, and analyzing the signs of the times!

        Second, you have not claimed to know for certain the date of the rapture. You are just sharing what you have put together, so that the rest of us can ponder it for ourselves. Any true Christian knows well that they do not know with 100% certainty and that we are always to be looking for Christ’s return. However, I am grateful for those who can put together these dates and correlations because it just strengthens my faith, and reminds me to sober myself and shift my focus to heavenly treasure, because it is so very imminent. I can see through your work, and Daniel Matson’s as well, that God is awesome (and I am thankful to you for sharing). He is not haphazard. It is so amazing to see His hand in all that is occuring.

        I hear an accusatory tone in both of the posts below… and I don’t think that is how the apostle Paul admonished us to treat one another in these evil and difficult last days. We are edify and love one another, with the love of our Lord and Saviour Yeshua (Jesus) the Christ!!!!

        When He comes, I will be so happy to see you Alison, and all my brothers and sisters in the Lord!!!

      • truthoughts said

        Thank you Sarah. You too have encouraged me. =) We are going Home very soon. Can’t wait to see you there. We will all be dancing and singing with joy unimaginable.

        Love & Blessings to you!

      • Sarah said

        Hi Allison,

        Just checking in to say hi. You have been in my prayers. 🙂

        I attend a baptist mega-church in my area…yet I have been feeling more and more hollow and empty in both listening to the sermons as well as the interactions with other church-goers. A few people that I have tried to discuss the rapture with have given me a sort of deer-in-the-headlights look and if it were a scene in a movie you would hear crickets chirping in the background. Even most of my family members consider my focus on this topic annoying.

        It seems to me that there are very few reverent, watchful Christians out there these days (not saying I am such but I want to be!)…and it is becoming a lonely path to walk! I know I can’t be the only one who feels this way…increasingly I feel rejected and chastised by mostly everyone around me, including other believers as well as non-believers. Even if I don’t end up talking to a person about my faith, it seems like many people just automatically are repelled…as if they can sense my faith and who I am.

        The closer I get to Christ, it seems that more and more trials and tribulations of all kinds are coming my way…almost daily now. I long for our Lord’s return, because I do feel that I only have “a little strength” left. Yet I know my heavenly father will provide as He sees fit, and that reassures me.

        God Bless you Alison…and keep looking up!!

        Sarah 🙂

      • truthoughts said


        You are right, you are not the only one feeling this way. It is also right that the closer you get the the Lord, the more the world comes against you one way or another. So many churches teach that once you choose God, then its all about His provision and protection but nothing about the spiritual warfare of life.

        Here is something a good friend of mine shared on her facebook wall:

        “The mind of God is different from the thoughts of man. As we follow Him, we discover that we lose to gain. Surrender to win, die to live. Give to receive, serve to reign. Scatter to reap. In weakness, we are made strong. In humility, we are lifted up & in emptiness, we are made full.”

        I think that captures the true essence of our faith walk. The world “church” as most mega-churches are, thinks that God’s ways are the same as their ways because they look at Him with their logic and not through spiritual eyes. We know He has already told us that His ways are not our ways. (Isaiah 55:8)

        At some point, when we choose to follow Christ with all of our heart… we end up coming to a solitude with Him. This normally happens at the beginning because it is there that He can strip away everything that is not of Him in order that He may fill us with everything that is from Him. Does that make sense?

        We all have spirits around us at all times, we are never alone. The question is, are those angels from the Lord or demons from the enemy? (Hebrews 12:1, Hebrews 1:14)

        I believe it is those spirits who in a sense, react to each other which then causes a response in this physical realm. You can truly sense it when it is strong.

        My point is that all of these feelings and experiences you are facing are normal and it shows that you are moving in the right direction. I wish more believers were really about the Father’s business in making disciples rather than bringing in a bunch of money or people for the sake of numbers.

        **Oh, wow… I thought I lost everything when my computer froze and shut down but when I went to reply again, it was there. I will cut this short now. Can you look in the top right bar to see the “Contact Me” link? Will you click that and send me an email so I can continue our chat? I was going to just send you a message but the 2 email addresses linked to your comments are different and I wasn’t sure where to send it. **

        Blessings to you Sarah!

  17. Martial Fortier said

    I don’t know how your system work, but I am want
    to post a comment. It is obvious now that you make a
    mistake. Better to admit now than later. Please, stop
    making futile speculations; it’s can trouble some Christians.
    Now it is 11:45 pm on Friday 8th October 2010 and still nothing!

  18. Martial Fortier said

    Please, update your site.
    You are completely wrong and we
    expect better study of the word of God.

  19. Cathy said

    Hi and Glory to God all who love the Lord. We are all waiting for the blessed hope in the return of our Savior. We are also at the same time dwelling on times and dates, and days in hopes that our loved ones (apart) from the flock will take heed to what has been told. My question if someone would be so kind to interpret,is, During the tribulation will these loved ones acept the truth and be saved even though they are martryed? And, what about those who “say,” they are Christians, but are only partly living for the Lord be with those during the tribulation? I know when we are raptured, these loved ones/backsliders won’t matter because we will not know who will not be in heaven. Is this right?
    Now is the time that tries mens souls…We need to pray fervantly for these who might be left, that they may latch on to the “truth.”
    Love you all, Gods blessings be upon you.

    • truthoughts said

      Hi Cathy.

      I think I understand what you are asking. You are wondering if those you know who you have shared the Truth with but are not ready when the rapture comes, can they be saved during the tribulation. Is that right? Also what about those who profess Christ now but do not live it, right?

      Regarding scripture pertaining to this, I would share this with you:

      2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      This speaks about those left during the tribulation who it would seem, heard the Truth but did not love it or in other words you may say follow it and so God Himself sends them strong delusion that they would believe the lie. So, it would seem here that those who fall into this category will have no hope. However, we do know that many are saved during this time frame. That would lead me to believe that those who are considered to not know the Truth at all would be the ones who may get saved by giving up their lives.

      I would believe those who fall under the category of the verse I shared would be those who for instance, follow Rick Warren and all the other New Age teachers in the Church as well as possibly those who believe and teach other salvation doctrines such as post-trib rapture, no rapture, etc. These all have access to the Word, know they are to follow Jesus who is the Word and yet refuse Him/the Word.

      In the end, the Lord knows who are His and has preordained us from the foundation of the world. (Acts 13:8, Ephesians 1:4, Hebrews 4:3; Revelation 13:8; Revelation 17:8)

      I do believe at some point that we will no longer remember those who did not make it. I hope that helps answer your questions. If not, let me know and I will try to find more specific verses, etc.

      Blessings to you Cathy.

  20. Raul said

    i believe before nov 8 2010 theres going to be the Gog and
    magog war which will cause jerusalem to be devided then we will be taken. a woman heard from the Lord and said:”Israel will be devided then you will see and you will come with me before I pour out my wrath.” ” You will be gone by 2011.” keep up the good work for the true believers. 2 Timothy 4:8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.


    • truthoughts said


      Thank you for sharing that. I will take a look at the link you provided. I have been hearing similar ideas lately. Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King. Amen!

      Blessings to you,

  21. Andre said

    Hi All,

    Just want to say I am encouraged by the content on this site. It is obvious there’s a lot of people here that are “home sick” and thank God I am one of them! I sincerely believe the rapture is imminent and a true indicator to the timing of the rapture can be found in the scriptures where Jesus answered His disciples concerning this in:

    1. Matt 24.3, and Mark 13:5 – “And Jesus answering them began to say, Take heed lest any [man] deceive you” also in Jeremiah 29: 8 “Yes, this is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: “Do not let the prophets and diviners among you deceive you. Do not listen to the dreams you encourage them to have.

    Scripture does not contradict itself, nor is the timing of the rapture an apparent one as may seem at first glance. This topic requires serious and in-depth study, it requires an understanding of the history of God’s people, which are the real “time-clock” by which God orchestrates His divine plan and finally, it requires the Holy Spirit to reveal the mysteries of the Word.

    Every word Jesus spoke had a meritorious meaning and when you look in Mark 11:13 we find Jesus speaking to a fig tree, expecting a fruit out of season, and then proceeds to severely curse the tree so that it wither the very next day!

    When Jesus found no figs upon the fig tree, on that afternoon, and cursed the tree; He was displaying openly to the disciples in a figurative way, that national Israel still as yet had not bore any fruit from the branch; by the mere fact that their immediate generation still simply did not recognize the epic “time of visitation” by their Messiah.

    Time does not permit me to discuss this in –depth in this comments section, and maybe I’ll post an article up on my blog, but my point is watching the situation currently in Israel, understanding how God communicated and “ tipped off” His chosen people about His first coming, and analyzing through the Spirit the words and demonstrative actions of Jesus, I believe will reveal to us not necessarily the timing of the rapture, but rather the “sign” of His coming…
    Note it does not say “signs” plural, but sign, singular.

    What am I saying? I am saying Jesus said we would KNOW when it is near, even at the doors (Matt. 24:33) Furthermore, Luke 17:21 tells us “how” we will know it is near – “neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

    If you’re still trying to make sense of what I am saying to you – We Spirit filled Christians have a SECRET trigger inside of us known as the Kingdom of God (call it a seventh sense if you will, or spiritual body clock) that will automatically synchronize with our own spirits, in order to get us ready for the rapture.

    The word sign also means SYMPTOM, the word symptom also means INDICATION, the word indication also means “HINT” the word hint also means, TIP-OFF or CLUE.

    As a Spirit filled child of God, you’ll supernaturally KNOW and be TIPPED OFF before this great and glorious event! All we need to do is to stay within the “Branch” which is God.
    To go back to the disciple’s original question in Matt 24:3 – what shall be the SIGN… He first and foremost warned them of DECEPTION that would be on an unprecedented scale.

    Right now, the world is being prepared through mass media and elaborate illusions (fake alien craft sightings etc possible through “Project Blue Beam”.) that an alien invasion or “intervention” is imminent. Satan knows he rapture is “at the doors” and so he’s busy (and has been for the last century), getting a credible explanation ready. People will primarily believe what they see, that’s why faith is so important!

    Having faith takes away the weapon of “Seeing is believing” which Satan is preparing to use on the rest of the unsuspecting world. Right now we have the technology to project 3D holograms ONTO the sky (Through Chemtrails) producing (with sound) a realistic image of Christ, The Mahdi of the Muslims, Buddha etc. returning in the clouds! – Research PROJECT BLUE BEAM

    No wonder Jesus warned first and foremost against deception! Remember how He also warned them in Matthew 24:23 “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it.”

    Jesus knew this technology would exist back then! and He knew that unlike faith, “sight” would be the cause of great deception in the last days. Now bear in mind, this is EXACTLY what we are “seeing” today (no pun intended)

    To finally bring this comment in for a landing… The reason you all are so expectant of the rapture even is because God’s Kingdom, His Spirit has TRIGGERED that awareness inside of you! It will grow stronger if you have FAITH, and it will grow cold if you base your expectations on SIGHT, or possible rapture times for that matter.

    We KNOW it is near, let us exercise faith, patience and all of the other good stuff because are days are literally numbered!

    God bless

    Andre Hendricks

  22. Many dreams in my physical life came true God gave me. He gave me songs from the Holy Spirit even a choir did on tape. It won an award. Once I felt the Lord would come in my lifetime. I am 55 years old. I dreamed twice, my son was – he disappeared, I tho’t. I tho’t my husband left his clothes lying. I visioned I was goin up thru the clouds, I felt my body change like a new machine. I love to study the Jimmy Swaggart Bible Expositor, hear Rev. Perry Stone.Both are on computer. I think preachers should not say for sure they know when Lord is coming, but say like, we believe, would be better. The expositor explains the verse within the verse. I do appreciate if anyones can do a study on Bible dates, that make us think for ourselves. You are very brave, here. Perhaps if you said we believe you’d get more e-mails? I’ve had a dream 3 times also or 2 that came true. But it involved a severe disabled over 8 year disability. Let’s get serious in our lives.

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