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Pentecost 2010 and the Prophetic Beyond

Posted by truthoughts on April 30, 2010

The following is a video (part series) that a friend of mine came across and I would love to share it with you. There is a lot of really great information in each video beginning with a historical look at some prophetic symbolism pertaining to the Lord, to what lays ahead for the world. Please watch, enjoy and let me know what you think.

Also, I would like to give a shout to my friend, Andy who goes by Firecharger on YouTube for sharing this with me. Be sure to check out his channel on Youtube here: Firecharger he has a lot of great information.

Please also see my other post on this topic here: The Feast of Pentecost and the Rapture of the Church

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

5 Responses to “Pentecost 2010 and the Prophetic Beyond”

  1. Garth Page said

    Who is this guy what is his name which church does he go to?what is his back round?

  2. Taylor James Ray III said


    Well this is some great reading and it gives me Spiritual Strength after I read it, I just want to say that I, on my own, for quite some time, have been praying and studying God’s word and that I am a Born Again Christian who is filled with God’s Holy Spirit and I do not belong to any church or claim any denomination and whenever I am asked, I say that I am a True Christian, a True Spiritual Beliver in the Word, with that Word being Jesus, who was not only just the Spiritual Living Word that became flesh, but the Word that was God, as in John 1:1;…In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and that Word was God, same as it was in the beginning with God.

    I also believe that Jesus did love John the disciple more than the other disciples for the reason that John was one of the only disciples at that time who got Jesus, who understood who Jesus was, and who knew and understood the Truth’s of Jesus, which is why he had no fear of repercussions from the angry mob, or from his fellow Jewish citizens, or from the Roman Soldiers, as John was the only disciple who stood at the cross looking up at Jesus, while all of the other disciples ran for the hills for fear of repercussion and John always knew how God’s plan of Spiritual Salvation was about to be set in motion and it had to begin with the death of his beloved friend, teacher and Savior on the cross and this is why God chose to reveal himself to John, in John’s Book, The Revelations of Jesus Christ.

    That being said, I also believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture, most likely occurring on the Feast of Trumpets, possibly even this year Fall/2010, but I am still studying and I am in prayer about it and I have been asking the Lord to reveal to me his Truth’s regarding this subject through his Holy Spirit, as I am not entirely sure that the Rapture could happen only on the Feast of Trumpets, as I believe that it could also possibly happen on the Feast of Pentecost Summer/2011, either or, as 2000 years ago that was the day that God sent the Holy Spirit to indwell the True Spiritual Church of Jesus and when the True Spiritual Church Age officially began, so this could also possibly be the day when the True Spiritual Church Age could end as well, as there is a Spiritual doorway in and out of Heaven that seems to open and close on that day, and I find that quite interesting in regards to my Spiritual Rapture beliefs.

    Now aside from this and in regards to other matters concerning the Rapture, what I am sure of is that the Holy Spirit seems to be showing me that I should not believe that the Rapture is going to be a physical dissapearing of millions of so-called christians from all over the world, along with every child who supposedly has not yet reached the age of accountability. As God say’s that all have sinned and all will fall short of the Glory of Heaven, therefore their is no such thing as an age of accountability, God is a just God who exists inside and outside of time and who knows all things, even the end from the beginning and God knows if these children would have ever, or would have never, accepted his free love gift of Spiritual Salvation or not, and therefore, God is just in Spiritually Rapturing out only those children who would of chosen God, and God does not Rapture out any of those children who would have not chosen God if they would of gotten the chance to choose.

    In regards to what I said earlier about a physical Rapture not taking place, I said that because, God’s word say’s that Flesh and Blood will never inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, so it would make more sense to believe in, and trust in, a Spiritual Rapture taking place instead, where our Invisble Spiritual Souls, are Spiritually sucked out of our physical bodies in a twinkling of an eye, and not in a physical Rapture where our physical bodies will dissapear off of the planet, but instead where in a twinkling of an eye our physical bodies would most likely drop dead and lie where they fall, as the Lord God is an Invisble Spirit and we are made in his image and therefore God has no need for our physical bodies in Heaven, but only our Invisible Spirits, which also attain our Thought’s, our Mind’s, our Intentions and our Concienceness and which make up the Spiritual body of our Soul, besides God will come like a thief in the night to Spiritually Rapture us out of this world, and physically stealing millions of people simutaneously off of the planet is not very sneaky at all now is it, which is why the world will be caught unaware when it does happens Spiritually instead of physically, and which also explain’s why there will be millions of so-called christians left behind afterwards, either helping to cover up their embarrasment of being left behind, and dealing with the aftermath of thousand’s of unexplained dead bodies lying around, or repenting of their mistakes of not knowing the Truth and they in turn start helping to lead other’s to Christ during the tribulation, where some will have to die for Jesus and thereby attain Heaven in the end at the Great White Throne Judgement, while there will be other’s who recieve the Mark of the Beast and are lost to everlasting condemnation.

    Another thing that has always interested me in regards to just how many people actually simultaneously and physically drop dead and Spiritually go to be with the Lord Jesus at the Spiritual Rapture event, is Enoch’s prophecy, where Enoch is shown a vision of the second coming of the Lord Jesus, and returning with Jesus are Myriad’s of Saints, those that were washed in the Spiritual Blood of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ, these are those that were taken up at the Spiritual Rapture event before the seven year tribulation began, a myriad is 10,000, Myriad’s is 100,000 people or less but not more than 100,000. Think about this next time, when you hear some preacher teach that millions and millions of christians are going to vanish into thin air and dissapear off the face of the earth one day, when the physical Rapture event takes place, and Heaven is gonna be filled with many babies and children who never reached the age of accountability, and alway’s remember this as well, all of the True Spiritual Believer’s in Jesus, who were sucked out of the earth at the Spiritual Rapture event, were the salt of the earth, why do you think the earth loses it’s flavor and God spews, spit’s and vomit’s it out of his mouth during the tribulation, because we housed his Holy Spirit and it was through us that the Truth was taught, which is why we can see the earth becoming more wicked and more vile everyday. If this is true, then that means that there are not millions of True Spiritually Believing Christian’s left on earth right now, as Apostasy is abounding from all man-made churches, so make sure that you know the Truth so that the Truth (Jesus), can Spiritually set you free.

    By the way I like your website, I wish I knew how to create one so that I can do what you are doing in trying to reach the masses with the Word of Truth, who is Jesus and who is God!

    • truthoughts said


      I agree with most of what you have stated except… when the rapture/resurrection occurs our bodies will be changed in the twinkling of an eye to new eternal *physical* bodies just as Jesus got His new body that the apostles could touch… remember Thomas putting his hands on the nail holes to see that it was actually Jesus after Jesus arose from the dead.

      I do not necessarily agree with those who preach that we will “disappear” into thin air because just as everyone could see Jesus in His new body, they should be able to see us too. We will immediately be caught up together with those who died in Christ Jesus (the passed away Church) to meet Jesus in the air and will always be with Him from that point onward.

      I do believe that the Laodicean church is on the earth now in the form of the apostate church who follow another gospel, the gospel of prosperity and personal fulfillment like Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn and could also pertain to the Catholic Church who practice satanism in their rituals.

      I do agree with you that there will not be that many who will be accounted worthy for the rapture to escape all that is coming. As the Bible states, the road is narrow and few there be that find it.

      I also agree with you that those who believe all children below a certain age will go in the rapture… that just isn’t logical if they read the Word. The Bible states that woe to those who give suck (nurse babies) in those days *speaking to the Jews who flee*… that means babies are born during the tribulation and if it was about an age of accountability then babies wouldn’t be born during the time of judgment.

      Too many people create their own god and call him Jesus though it is not the real Jesus. We must accept Jesus for who He is by His Word. We may not always understand but He said His ways are not our ways… He knows what He is doing. As you said, He knows who are His from the foundation of the world… Its not like He is surprised at those who do not follow Him. In fact, He created some to mislead others.

      Many people’s faith is too shaken by that understanding but that is because they are not following the true Christ through His Word. That info is a blessing to those of us who are His and seems to be an unfair curse to those who are not His. Either way, He has a plan and it will be done regardless of anyone or anything.

      Thank you Taylor for your comment… Oh, about having a site… WordPress is a free blog site and that is what I use. Do a general search for WordPress and it will walk you through how to set one up for free. When you do, be sure to come by and let me know the address so I can check it out. =)

      Blessings in our Lord Jesus!

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