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Mark Biltz Responds To Criticism

Posted by truthoughts on May 20, 2008

With all of the controversy from the video I have posted, I would like to share an excerpt from Mark Biltz website:

For my previous posts please visit: Jewish Feasts of the Lord also Feasts of the Lord Part II and for the combined version… Jewish Feasts and Holy Days

Stipulating Eclipse Comments
By Pastor Mark Biltz

“[…] Remember when Messiah said the gates of hell will not prevail against the church! Gates
are a defensive piece of armory, not offensive! The church has been terrified of being
attacked by gates?! The truth here is that the gates are trying to keep people in captivity
and the church is supposed to storm the gates of hell and rescue the people held cap-
tive! The truth is that Satan and his minions are terrified of us! It’s time to storm them
and that’s my heart. Be Blessed!

I hope you enjoyed listening to the song above and now watch the video. May you
be inspired to join me as we Wake, Watch and go to Work! Pass this on to other
Warriors! We need to quit squabbling over the dating of the rapture and unite to the
Work! Keep this going, time is short, and the battle is near!”

There is a lot more that he said, but I would like for you to visit his site to see for yourself. The excerpt that I am sharing here is one that we should all be able to relate to in the Church. There should be no controversy with this. I found his words very insightful and inspiring and I hope that you will as well. Please do give it a read and if you have any questions about what he teaches, please ask him. Pastor Mark Biltz is the perfect source to find out what he, himself, means with what he states.

In this content that he has written, it also states his clarifications of what others may be misunderstanding about the controversial video interview he had with Prophecy In The News. For your researching desires, this is a great place to start.

This video has caused quite a stir amongst those in the church and those leering in for multiple reasons. For some, it has been an encouraging wake up call, for others, it has been an alarming siren that they just want to silence. It reminds me of the comparison of Jesus being the corner stone and a stumbling block.

If you have not seen the video, please check it out:

Part I      Part II    


17 Responses to “Mark Biltz Responds To Criticism”

  1. Paul said

    great job I have been studying more since I saw the episode than before

  2. truthoughts said


    That is great! I think it caused quite the wake up call to the Church… to some however it has been quite a loud warning siren that they just want to quiet. Thank you so much for your comment my friend.

    Sincerely In Christ,

  3. Barbara Verross said

    Love, love , love the article! The connection between the eclipses and the Feasts Days is awesome. I believe the info gives us a heightened motivation to get the gospel message out, and to get it out quickly.

  4. truthoughts said


    I completely agree with you whole heartedly! Time is so short and once it is over, we can do no more. God speed my friend!

    Sincerely In Christ,

  5. Nigel said

    hi I’d just like to know, in order for the tribulation to start the Antichrist must sign a 7 year peace treaty with Israel, which we know has not happened yet, that means that the tribulation has not started yet and its 2009, 7 years from now gets 2016, I’m fascinated by the eclipses but 2008 passed and the tribulation didn’t start, second coming can’t be in 2015 its not rocket science,its another failed prediction whats all the hype about,I do believe the eclipses have some kind of significance tho. Unless there is a solar eclipse on the feast of trumpets in 2016 that would be significant,I’m just confused again, any new info please email me – btw, I know who the Antichrist is!

    • truthoughts said


      Thank you for your comment. You are correct in stating that the Great Tribulation has not yet begun. The correlations regarding the eclipses are stunning and I am sure they hold a significant “sign” regarding the end times though I do not have more details for you presently. The next solar eclipse occurs later this month (July 22nd) which is also Av 1 on the Hebrew calendar. We know that from Av1 – Av 9, this is the most solemn time for the Jewish people (temples destroyed, etc.). The prediction you are referring to is more of a reference to coincidence than an actual prediction. Kind of like the things that make you go, “Hmmm…” rather than “Ah-Ha!”

      Either way, we know that based on what is happening around the world… the time is very near and literally could happen any moment now. So, no matter what is predicted or researched, we should all keep looking up for our redemption draws near.

      Thank you again for your comment. I’m sorry that I cannot give you more information at this time. Let me know if you come across anything of significance as well and I will research this further. Have a blessed day Nigel.

      Sincerely In Christ,

  6. Allah said

    Yet another end of world prophecy. And surprise surprise, for $24.95 I can call the number at the bottom of the screen and purchase my very own copy! Never saw that one coming!

    Here’s a prophecy for you. Feel free to compare the accuracy of mine to that of the learned pastor. By 2016, you’ll be able to pick up this video series for “shipping and handling only”. A new video will be out, same bible quotes, different years. Shifted out just far enough to settle into another round of “fishing for dollars” in the waters of naïevity. With the credulous and the stupid lining up to bite.

    Sow fear, $ell salvation. The matra of organized religion the world over.

    A far more creative way of extracting money than tithe, I will concede that. Equally as dishonest, but you knew that already…

    PS: Remind me again, why does he need the money if the world is about to end?

    • Lilian Durango said

      Dear Allah: I think you are getting things wrong. Mark Biltz DID NOT say that the year 2015 is the second coming of Christ, he isn’t putting dates to anything, he is just pointing out the fact of the “coincidences” in the solar and lunar eclipses with the Jewish feasts. Something is going to happen my friend! That’s for sure! And I do believe that the time is drawing near. What we should be doing, as Mark Biltz wisely suggests, is to WAKE, WATCH AND GO TO WORK! I think we really should be busy knowing, loving and serving Yeshua, and being a holy people. Praise His Name! Being sarcastic is easy. Being holy and loving your neighbor, that is a challenge!

  7. There's a suprise... said

    Will you put my comment up unedited Alison? $24.95 says you won’t.

    • truthoughts said

      First, I would like to address that I find it interesting that with your strong feelings, you have chosen to remain anonymous… Interesting…

      Now, I completely understand how you may feel very upset about “pastors” being led by greed and just trying to obtain as much of your money as possible. Those are dominantly, but not limited to preachers in the Word of Faith movement and the Ecumenical movement. The one’s who promise a miracle for money, etc. However, this should not carry over as a stereotype. Material has a cost and having the ability to utilize technology to share teachings costs. In that case, there is no difference between that and making an offering to send missionaries across the globe to preach to and serve those in need.

      I understand that many are confusing the situation about the eclipses and Hebrew festivals along with the Rapture of the Church situation. Mr. Biltz did a study of the interesting future events of the eclipses correlating with Hebrew dates of significance. He shared his belief of the date of Rosh Hashanah being a strong possibility for the date of the Rapture, however, though he showed interest in the “what if” idea of it happening at the beginning of these eclipses and showed how that “may” correspond to the events during the tribulation and the 2nd coming of Christ… he did NOT make a matter of fact prediction regarding the Rapture happening on Rosh Hashanah 2008. There is a huge difference.

      I notice how you make light of prophecy and the end days… by the way, it is not the end of the “world” it is the end of the “age of grace”. The world will continue for another 1,000 years before the final judgement, however, the age of grace you so mock will end shortly.

      Your comment is one of the many signs that point us to the fact that we are in the last days as prophecied by the Bible. (Jude 1:18 How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. *and* 2 Peter 3:4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as [they were] from the beginning of the creation.)

      You said, “Sow fear, $ell salvation”. It is only fear to those who have something to fear, but to those who are Christ’s it is salvation eternal. Yes, some as I stated in the beginning of this post do try to “sell” salvation and they will reap their just reward (judgment) in the end – read 2nd Peter. Those individuals however, do not eliminate the Truth for what it is and the fact that no matter who stands against it or chooses not to believe it… it will still come to pass just as it is written. You have access to the Truth now, but there will be a day soon when you will search for it and not find it because you chose not to love it now when it was here. (2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.)

      Now, in regard to your 2nd comment, as you can see… I posted your comment in its entirety. I encourage you to read the Word of God, the Bible because it is your salvation. There is no other way a man can be save but through the Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. (John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.) You never know when your last opportunity to obtain salvation will be. Once you die, there are no 2nd chances.

      PS: You should try contacting Mr. Biltz regarding your concerns and let him respond to you directly, himself.

      Sincerely In Christ,

  8. Troy said

    If you understand these things, you know the Tribulation starts late 2015 (Sabbath year and Jubilee year) and finishes 7 years late 2022. There is no room to budge here; it can’t be extended say to 2029-2036 or next century. All the details about the Tetrad, the 137 Saros cycle, the 49 years from June 7, 1967 to Sept. 23, 2015 Day of Atonement, Rev. 6.12, how the trumpets of the Tribulation follow (8.7ff), the Temple is completed within the first year of the Tribulation (2016) with 2300 days left in the Trib (6.3 years left), the first rapture “before the throne” (7.9) according to readiness (Matt. 24.40-41,42, Luke 21.36, Rev. 3.10, 12.5, 14.1-5).

    I feel like I am the only one who sees this. Everyone is either fluffing it off or predicting the Tribulation starts in one of the years before Sept. 28, 2015 (tabernacles).

    I think the reason others can’t see what I see is because they don’t understand partial rapture. Thank you Watchman Nee and Mark Biltz. Thank you Lord!

    • truthoughts said


      You have interesting thoughts here, however, if there is “no room to budge here” then there is probably error. Here is a thought to ponder. You stated that the Temple is completed within the first year of the Tribulation… The Jews have it planned to complete it this year in accordance to a Jewish prophecy. They are ready and putting the finishing touches as of now. So, if that thought is correct, as you stated, then the Tribulation would begin this year.

      There is also thoughts on if there is a gap between the Rapture of the Church and the beginning of the Tribulation period.

      I enjoy pondering the options for when it will all take place and the sooner the better I feel… but I know that I will not be “certain” until it actually happens. There are options / theories I have come across that make more sense then others and I love to hear everyone’s opinions on them because they can become even more clear one way or another.

      I am just suggesting that you take a step back before being quite so absolute. Your thoughts are interesting and worth checking into for any reading this and I thank you for sharing them here. No matter when it all takes place, lets pray that we will be ready and counted worthy to be called up to the Lord and to stand in His presence able to glorify Him by our lives we lived here.

      Thank you again for your comment Troy.

      Sincerely In Christ Jesus,

  9. Troy said

    “No room to budge here” pertains to the data that if God values the feast days and uses them as markers (rehearsals to His return), He is definitely showing us something. I think you should take another look and reconsider that the years 2014/15 are occuring shortly before the Triblation starts, not after; and really the most significant indicators of all. Don’t think these years will pass by and nothing happens or that Jesus would return in the year 2050 or 2100 instead. Do you really think the implant under the skin won’t be pervasive long before then?

    The precise timing of the Tetrad on key events in 1949/50, 1967/68 and for 2014/2015 are too coincidental. If nothing of major significance happens in 2014/2015, most likely two years prior to the Tribulation, or at the very lesat, breaking ground on the construction of the Temple (or even completion of the Tempble by 2016), then that would be quite odd. You have given no reason to budge on this so perhaps you are being fanciful. There are coincidences and then there are coincidences.

    It will take several years to complete the Temple. For you to think the Temple will be completed this year is 100% false because it is impossible. It will take more than 10 months to finish building the 3rd Temple.

    The Jewish prophecy from the 19th century doesn’t say as you said the Temple will finished, but that it will begin construction after the 3rd rebuilding of a particular synagogue. So 2010, this year sometime the Temples will begin construction. They will break ground this year.

    There is no reason to think there is a gap between the first rapture according to readiness (Rev. 7.9) before the first Trumpet is blown (8.7). There is nothing between these two verses that would suggest that. Understand the Tribulation begins because Satan responds knowing his time is short. He responds because the pinnacle of the Church has been reached so that a first rapture can occur of a couple million who are living overcomers (not the whole Church).

    I think the main point of my post is to express that what Mark Biltz was seeing was wrong. He was seeing the start of the Tribulation 2008-2010, but I could see why that can’t be with a closer reading of Scripture and because the Temple would have to be completed in one of those years according to the 2300 days, but obviously it won’t. And of course many people would have to be taking the implant under their skin by the first year of the Tribulation which will only be forced on people by the middle of the Tribulation. I don’t think Mark has touched on that or put these points together. Perhaps because he is overly Jewishly focused instead of Church focused.

    So because I see Rev. 6.12 occur before the Tribulation starts, the Tetrad occurs 2 years prior to the start of the Tribulation with the Temple completed in 2016. However I am finding that unlikely becaues in my own mind I find it hard to believe the Temple Institute will actually get the Temple constructed by 2016 (let alone your silly date of 2010), but so far given the data that is my most likely scenario, and until we get closer to that date and find out the Temple won’t be finished by 2016, I will hold the course.

    So my best guess is the Tribulation and First Rapture start on the Day of Trumpets (like Shofars pointed to the sky), Sept. 14, 2015, Tishri 1, and Jesus returns exactly 2,520 days (7 x 30 x 360) later on the 10th of Av (normally it would have been the 9th of Av but the 9th of Av was Saturday, so Jesus returns on Aug. 7, 2015, 10th of Av. not August 6th. And of course the 9th of Av was when the 1st and 2nd Temple were destroyed separated by 666 years.

    I think what you need to see is the significance of these dates that this is not just another decade or century. Then Sept. 23, 2015 the Day of Atonement comes along which is the day to usher in the Jubilee year (17,640 years to the day form June 7th when Israel entered Jerusalem or 49 x 360), and of course Sept, 28 five days later is the Feast of Tabernacles ushering in the 7 year Tribulation. Each day of the 7 days of the feast will represent 7 years of the Tribulation. It was not God’s desire to have a 7 year Tribulation but it will happen.

    I am flexibile. I’ll allow the First Rapture (not the whole Church, just living overcomers and marytrs) and the Tribluation to start anywhere from Sept. 14, 2015 to early 2016 and the return of Jesus in Person anywhere from Sept. 6th/7th, 2015 to early 2016.

    The Partial Solar Tetrad in 2018/2019 near the end of the middle of the 7 year Tribulation corresponds nicely: “third part of the sun…” (Rev. 8.12).

    Now of course, it is really hard to believe we are the actual generation let alone the Tribulation is to commences late 2015 or early 2016, but for now anyhow I don’t find one piece of evidence that even remotely suggests to me this timeframe is wrong. Nobody has ever to my knowledge presented anything to counter this timeline.

    • truthoughts said


      You are correct about the prophecy (begin building this year)… sorry about that. I do believe we are the generation who will see all these things come to pass. I am not saying that your assumptions are wrong and I agree that the rapture and all the fulfillments of prophecy must line up with the Feasts that God has already preordained for things to come. You have come across very heated in your comment, which truly isn’t necessary. No one is arguing against you. I just suggested that to be dogmatic, as I assumed you were at the time regarding the dates (years, etc.) was a bit much but being firm in your thoughts about it all happening on the Feast days, etc…. I understand that and agree. In writing, true meanings and tones can be misunderstood… its the bummer about texts but with patience, we can get past that and be more clear.

      Regarding the gap between the rapture of the church and the tribulation beginning… I wasn’t saying I necessarily believe that but I have been recently hearing and reading on other’s thoughts regarding that. I know you feel that it is not relayed in the book of Revelation, however, we both know that the book of Revelation is not the only prophetic text/Bible book referring to this time period. I have not written a post on this though because I have not fully researched it as of yet.

      I appreciate your comment and thank you for sharing the information you have Troy.

      Sincerely In Christ,

  10. Garth said

    Nice to see you all looking up.Hence we hasten the day of HIS appearance.2Peter3:12=They already have the Mark here and people volanterally are taking it in the hand the USA gov have made it available through the Medical health centers=Hospitals=private Drs.and the rest.Will probably need some crsis to actually force the rest of us to take it. There are 2types of chips available one medical the other security and banking id:Interesting they called the last one the MARC.These have been availible since 2005.

  11. Troy said

    Remember, first rapture is according to readiness (Matt. 24.40-42, Luke 21.36, Rev. 3.10 “before the throne” 7.9) before the first trumpet (8.7ff) of the Tribulation, not a foregone conclusion for the whole church.

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